Konrad featured in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

in_action_small3-D seems to be all around us both literally, as we live in a true 3-D world, and figuratively, since 3-D entertainment has been taking by storm movie theaters, TV broadcasts and gaming consoles. Although, this may be surprising to a typical consumer, to Prof. Konrad this is a natural transition of in-lab research to consumer-level products. Having been involved in stereoscopic and 3-D imaging research for over 15 years, he was recently featured in a special report on three-dimensional research published in the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine by John Edwards. Along with other leaders in the field of 3-D imaging, Konrad has shared his views on the current state and the perspectives for 3-D visualization in entertainment, science, and security. You can read more about this interview here and learn about Konrad’s 3-D research on these pages.

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