Konrad and Ishwar join with NYU/Poly to win an NSF grant

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are all so common today and carry a lot of personal information. How many of us store passwords, credit card numbers, etc. on such devices. While protecting a laptop with a strong password is not uncommon, it is not so with a tablet or smartphone. Typically, either a simple 4-digit code is used or the device is unprotected. Profs. Konrad and Ishwar have teamed up with Profs. Nasir Memon and Katherine Isbister, both from the Polytechnic Institute of New York, to seek new solutions to the problem, and the National Science Foundation will support their effort with an $800,00 grant over the next 3 years.

The team will study the use of finger swipes on the surface of a tablet or smartphone to authenticate a user and also hand-gestures performed in front of a camera to achieve the same in various door access scenarios. The NYU/Poly team will focus on the finger swipe problem while the BU team will study the hand-gesture authentication.

To read more about this, please see this news story.

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