Meng Wang co-founds Orbeus Inc.

Meng Wang (MS ECE’12) and his two colleagues, Tianqiang Liu (MS CAS’12) and Xing Meng (MIT MBA’12), have founded Orbeus Inc., a technology startup that specializes in visual recognition. The trio of young entrepreneurs were among semi-finalists of the MIT 100K contest (, and also won the first prize at the Pitch Contest of the Annual Harvard Entrepreneurship Competition (see this article) as well as the “Most Likely to be Acquired by Dr Evil in his plan for World Domination” prize at the 2012 MIT In-Now-Vation Showcase. At the MIT 100K contest, the team also reached the final rosters of four incubators: Techstars, YCombinator, Exelerate Labs and DreamIt Ventures, and eventually settled on Chicago-based Exelerate Labs (see all companies newly funded by Exelerate Labs). Orbeus will receive seed funding, legal advice, mentorship and office space in Chicago. The technology developed by Orbeus focuses on computer-based visual recognition, a technology that enables computers to perform face detection and recognition, logo and product recognition, optical character recognition, and scene understanding.

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