Current and Recent Projects

Members of the VIP lab conduct research in the general area of capture, transmission, processing, and display of visual information. This research has been supported to date by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense and by various funds from Boston University. Research projects pursued by group members are oriented along the following four research axes:
  • VSNs: video analytics methods for Visual Sensor Networks (VSNs),
  • Video: advanced video processing and compression for next-generation visual communication systems,
  • HCIs: next-generation Human-Computer Interfaces (HCIs),
  • 3-D: capture, processing, compression and display of 3-D video on stereoscopic and multiview screens,
  • BioMed: analysis and visualization of biological and medical imaging data.
Below is a video showing the final outcome of Master’s project by Feitong Yi who developed a virtual keyboard and touchpad using Kinect camera recording hand and finger movement on the surface of a table.