Current Members



PhD candidates:

  • Jiawei Chen (advisors: Konrad/Ishwar): Privacy-preserving analysis of human activity
  • Christy Lin (Systems Engineering, advisor: Ishwar)) Learning and inference algorithms for high-dimensional mixed-membership network models
  • M. Ozan Tezcan (advisor: Konrad): Physical clutter categorization from images
  • Jinyuan Zhao (advisors: Ishwar/Konrad): Light transport analysis for indoor activity localization and recognition

MS students:

  • Rishab Shah (advisor: Konrad): Completion and denoising of depth fields from Kinect

Undergraduate researchers:

  • Natalia Frumkin (Comp. Eng., UROP Fellow, advisors: Ishwar/Konrad): Indoor occupant localization using modulated light sources

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